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Resume Builder is an online service that syncs up your LinkedIn profile to create a CV quickly, automatically, and efficiently so that you can then print it out directly and send it out to businesses.

This app has several templates to display your work history arranged in different ways. They are all professional, serious, and effective, yet customizable.

Each template has a different style (classic, modern, executive, or law) but all contain the same information that you have uploaded on LinkedIn: your profession, specialties, abilities, what you studied, the languages you speak, and other personal and professional information. In the application, you'll be able to change the order in which this information appears.

Resume Builder is very easy to use: you just have to access the application and sync it up to your LinkedIn account so that your information gets uploaded to the templates.

Once you've chosen the one you like best, you can export it in PDF and attach it to an email or share it on Facebook and Twitter.
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